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Commercial spaces evolve from the owners’ inspiration as well as the elements that are needed to be functional and attract the desired clientele and market. JFL Development focuses on creating and maintaining that delicate balance between innovative design and practical functionality.

One of the most recent and inspiring commercial projects is R House in the Miami Wynwood Arts District – an integrated restaurant-lounge-gallery with an amazing outdoors space. The use of recycled elements such as doors and glass, mixed with vintage restored furniture, brings pieces and elements from several decades creating a warmth and atmosphere that is new, yet fitting for Wynwood.

“I thought it needed to be a place where people of different ages can get together to relax in an urban space. Wynwood is known for its creativity and character, so we needed to create a unique place that would combine an industrial rough feel with the warmth and personal feel of a house; R House.” – Felipe Lara, President, JFL Development Inc.

“I am so pleased with the creativity that went into the design of R House by Felipe Lara & JFL Development. They have really provided us with a unique etting and great place to enjoy food, art, and music!” – Rocco Carulli, Owner & Chef R House.

JFL Development chose industrial rough iron painted black for the structural elements that include free-standing art frames that rotate 360 degrees to add versatility to the space. Colombian leather, which has a very particular texture that is a combination of rustic and sophisticated, provides that sensual touch. While the concept had most of the elements that define Wynwood, I knew some materials needed to create a warm balance. To do this, the blue-green from the R House logo was incorporated into the design, along with vintage chairs, and large daybed sofas in the lounge and gallery.

“JFL Development really made this project happen in so many different ways from design to development. They created an amazing neutral canvas for the art in soothing earth tones which really allow the art to pop and further add to the energy and atmosphere of the White Porch Gallery @ R House.” – Tom Shirk, Owner and Curator of the White Porch Gallery @ R House.

From the intriguing lighting that showcases amazing art, to the basic cement walls that keep it simple, to the recycled doors used on the bottom of the bar and for the construction of the outdoors banquets, to the recycled corrugated glass which inspired a kitchen window to witness food creation, R House is truly unique.